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Welcome to the newest gaming area in the space of Gameland!

With a dedicated graphics team and a diligent marketing team $GAMELAND are here to take over the crypto space. With a battle between light and dark, good and bad in a world where the balance is constantly shifting. What side will you choose?
Gameland is here to bring it’s community $GAMELAND token where our holders will be rewarded in distribution tokenomics. $GAMELAND is the basis of development for our infrastructure. We will be bringing an interactive marketplace where our token will be the main currency used to trade and mint our games and NFT’s.
These NFT’s will then further be integrated into a game that we are working on developing now, we will be working with the community alongside our dev team to bring a game best suited to the people. We will be sharing sneak peaks as we go on throughout the project with the possibility of letting some of the community partake in the development directly.


Our Games


Casual - Free

Minotar a new type of game, partially owned and operated by it's players.
Earn $GAMELAND tokens by playing and use them to decide the future of the game !


RPG - Free

Robofight is a mode of robot competition in which custom-built robots fight using various methods to incapacitate each other.

Treasure Box

Adventure - Free

As Treasure Boxes, players go on a quest for legendary treasures, with their journey leading them up the icy peaks of Frosty Mountain, into the thickets of the Tangled Jungle, and down into the depths of Lava Caves.

50 % Burn

50 % Burn

50 % Burn

50 % Burn

50 % Burn

50 % Burn

50 % Burn


40% Pancake Swap

5% Team

5% Marketing Wallet



✔️Marketing push to spread  
✔️Website launch 
✔️ is Born! 
✔️ Meme development 
❌ 1000 telegram member



❌ Influencer marketing push 
❌ Listing on coin gecko 
❌ Listing on coin market cap 
❌ 100000 telegram members 
❌ 100000 holders 
❌ Third party audit 


❌ 250,000 telegram members 
❌ 250,000 holders 
❌ Aggressive Influencer marketing campaign  
❌ Listings on major CEX 
❌ More memes from community 
❌ Credit Card For crypto live on our  website.